solidarnosc_jednosc_oporThe band was created on spring 2011. Darek, the bass player form LD50 invited to play Czarek (guit.) and Robert (guit.) from Atencja and Bolek (dr.) also from LD50 and Firenze. Later joined Lukas (voc.), former drummer of Delicje. Then, autumn 2012 Czarek, Robert and Bolek quited and new members came: Blanko – guitarist (ex El Banda, Produkt) , Greg – guitarist and Iga – drummer (both from Happy Bones). In winter 2012 Iga left and new drummer appeared – Suchy (ex Pogotowie Sexualne, The Dumbs). In spring 2013 Suchy left and now we play with Grisza – drummer from Junk punk band. On winter 2014 we play the last show with our mates Blanko and Greg. They left band and on June 2014 we play first rehersals with Wasyl from Antidotum. We hope it will last for ever!

Do not hesitate to contact us to comment or inform us about anything you think is important. Also if you want to see MassMilicja in your town!


Lukas: luksfer[at]riseup.net

Darek: d.klosinski[at]gmail.com


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