MassMilicja – wywiad w Flyktsoda Zine #4

W #4 numerze szwedzkiego zina Flyktsoda możecie przeczytać wywiad z nami, po szwedzku.
Dla tych osób, które nie miały szwedzkiego w szkole, niżej publikujemy wywiad w języku language.

flyktsoda1. Hey! Please introduce your band!
Lukas: Hey. We are one of thousand bands and we have sth important to say like many other bands. Our lyrics have political and social meaning. We describe the reality from libertarian and antiauthoritarian position. In the same time we just enjoy playing punkrock very much. This is one of our medium we want to talk about political issues. We grew up with hc/punk music with its political context and reaction on social and animal injustice. It formed us and our attitudes towards life and world. It’s more than music.
 2. Who are the members of MASSMILICJA?
Lukas: We are regular guys. I’m a performer in two Warsaw off theatres. I’m engaged in Warsaw libertarian and anarchist movement. I played drums in DELICJE band together with Darek.
Wasyl: I work in a company selling pneumatic lifts. I also play in another hc/punk band ANTIDOTUM and I used to play in ATOMICO PATIBULO. I’m not political activist, but everything what Lukas is singing and screaming about is mine, haha.
Darek: I’m a real estate agent. I run my own agency. I’ve ben playing bass for many years in LD50 and right now I have second band, post-punk/cold-wave PAST. I’m in a great solidarity with social struggle for better world free from discrimination.
Grisza: I’m studying radiology as a second faculty. The first was environment. I play drums also in JUNK. I’m antifascist.
MassMilicja: As we all are!

3. How would you like to describe your music to people who haven´t heard your band?
MassMilicja: In general, fast, melodic punkrock. But we have different roots and inspirations. In one song „Metody” you have reagge vibration, in „Komitety” a little screamo, cold-wave in „Mizoginia” and so on. „No Pasaran!” is very difficult to categorize, a little bit heavy, haha. Right now we are working on a song which sounds like dark grunge or Tool, hehe.
 4. The „Collective punk” LP is one of my lately favourite albums, so full of influences and still your own sound, is this something that you have put a lot of effort into?
MassMilicja: You are right. It’s a mixture of our very different inspirations. No, it wasn’t hard to combine different punk traditions. It was natural. Just like that. You know, we didn’t sit in a rehersal space hard thinking, how to join it together, hehe. It was in our hearts. We’ve just started palying and we knew this is it. No calculations, only emotions and political message. We’ve been changing musicians a lot. They were leaving because of different reasons. Sometimes music, sometimes message. For some of them e.g. we were too strong in telling political stuff from the stage.
 5. Which are your main influences?
MassMilicja: Hc/punk in general, old and new. Post-hc/punk, emo, screamo, good strong R’n’R, and everything what we like, from trance-ethno thru experimental jazz to crast, hehe. This is so many bands! We don’t want start with the names unless there gonna be only one interview in whole zine, haha.
 6. How would you describe the polish punk scene?
Darek: It’s great company. Very often you go for the show because of people, not music, hehe. There is a lot of cool gigs and festivals. Just plenty of them! And it’s amazing! Of course, not everything is perfect, but in my opinion, Poland is the best place to play punk rock!
Wasyl: Yeah, first of all it’s people. Many new bands, distros, zines. The scene is really huge. In every bigger town you can find hundreds of bands. The quality is very different of course, but the most important is idea. I’m always glad when kids start with new punk bands instead of doing nazi shit.
 7. Which are your favourite polish bands of today?
 8. In Poland, and all over Europe, the fascist are making progress, how do you deal with that in Warszaw?
Lukas: In Poland we have very similar situation as in whole Europe. The right wing radicals spread their sick idology and a lot of people buy it. Here it has few levels: crisis of left, conservative society, catholic church. The church has great influence on politic. It dictates law according to women’s reproduction rights, imposes morality and strenghten traditional gender roles based on discrimination and violence. This conservative shit poisones people’s minds. Preserved traditional attitudes are quite powerful sources of homophobia, xenophobia, nationalism, antisemitism, racism, patriarchy, sexism, neofascism and so on. This scum is everywhere.
They are very good organized, they have strong institutional support and powerfull bussiness friends. Social movements, city activists, left radicals are lack of such resources. Most of actions are grassroot, contributed by individuals and collectives. We have to put much more effort to build strong global movement. Especialy here, in Poland, where people remember comunist times and radical left or social movements have bad connections in Polish minds.
Thou right wing radicals are growing, we can observe changings into more open society. The LGBTQ and feminist movements are getting stronger, worker unions are growing, no-border and anticapitalist activists are very active, etc. These changes are irreversible.
 9. Are there a big feminist movement within the polish punk scene?
 Lukas: Yes, I think it is quite big. We have feminist bands not only riot grrrls. There’s many feminist events where hc/punk bands perform. Many bands say important words from the stage according to feminism or LGBTQ movement. For many people, for me too, hc/punk scene was the first contact with feminism and social movements in general. Many feminist and queer activists grown from hc/punk scene. We have a lot of organizations, informal groups and collectives associated with hc/punk scene.
 10. Have you released more stuff than the „Collective punk” album?
MassMilicja: Not really. We released only one demo in 2011 with four tracks which are on our LP.
 11. Any new releases planned?
MassMilicja: Yes, we have 4 new tracks and we think about a split with one Swedish band hehe on spring and full LP on autumn/winter.
 12. Have you been touring a lot? Where?
MassMilicja: No, actually, we didn’t tour not at all. We plan our first short tour on spring to Belarus.
 13. What do you do when you are not working with MASSMILICJA?
Lukas: We are busy with our other projects, work, families, actions, education. I have also another music project – ethno-ambient-electro MundoMono. I’m travelling a lot with my two theatre groups. I have a social cooperative in Warsaw and we’re starting with a bussiness on spring: Coworking space. I’m also independent jurnalist.
 14. Any particular tour memories?
 15. Do you take part in other political activities outside the punk scene?
Lukas: Yes, I’m engaged in no-border movement – Radical Solidarity Action, in two festivals in Warsaw: „RESIST FEST – Resistance Strategies Of Social Movements” and „FEM FEST – Festival Of Feminisms”. I’m part of informal group Voices Against Violence. We work with boys and men on gender stereotypes and male violence against women and LGBTQ persons. Am also a member of on-line feminist magazine „Codziennik Feministyczny” (sth like Daily Feminism:). I’m active in animal liberation and urban movements (squatting, blockades of evictions, adbusting, etc.).
 16. How did you get involved in the punk scene to start with?
Lukas: It was in 90. when I was in high school. My friend, who had punk friends, hehe, told me about punkrock: ideology and music. I started to visit punk gigs like Guernica y Luno, Włochaty, Stracony, Dezerter. Legendary Warsaw club Fugazi where I saw many punk bands for the first time, changed my life for ever, haha. From the very first moment when I learned about punkrock, I was totally fascinated in the strong combination of raw, fast music and political message. I’m still in, hehe. I had short flirt with metal music, but I realised very fast, that punkrock is the best! haha! Hard-core came later on, but the biggest room in my heart is for punk!
Darek: When I was 15 in 1981 I met guys in my highschool who played in one of the first Warsaw punkrock band LD50. I joined the band first on keyboard then on bass. This music, playing in the band, the atmosphere had great influence on me. It changed me radically, actually, it has shaped my life attitude… I’m faithful until now :) And this is really looooong time, hehe.
 17. Do you remember the first records that you got?
 Lukas: Not really… I remember, that my punk-friend gave me a bunch of tapes with punkrock. Some of them were awful, but I was so exited that every band with „punk” label was great! Then I learned about hard-core and DRI, GBH, MOD, Cro Mags, Sick Of It All and few more bands became my favorites for long time.
Darek: I remember exactly – „Singles Going Steady” Buzzkocks and „Penis Envy” Crass. Thanks to the second album and Crass in general I realized that punkrck is more than music


18. What is your main opinion on the European punk scene?
Lukas: I think it’s awesome network of music, political support and friendships. I’ve never experienced such strong sense of unity and global community. I love hc/punk scene and for me it’s fenomenon.
 19. Please write if there is something that I didn´t cover in the greater picture of your band!?
Lukas: We play music coz we love it. We belive that hc/punk is more than music. We create with no pressure, only when we want. And we tell the stories when we have something to say.
Until every cage is empty!
Animal liberation = Human Liberation!

No Pasaran!



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