Recenzja naszej demówki w Profane Existence!

The Polish anarchopunk scene has done it again. In this silk-screened cardboard sleeve lies a DIY CD from a band that is destined for great things. It’s refreshing to see bands write straight-up in your face political songs in lieu of semi-poetic songs which are open to interpretation. While the lyrics here are all in Polish, you can easily go to the band’s website for English interpretations if you’d like (although the last song on the disc is called “No Pasaran!” so you should know where they’re coming from without the translated lyrics). The first song, “Pociski Zamiast Skow” translates as “Bullets Not Words”, and seems to talk about violent state repression. Other songs discuss antifascism, sexism, and anarchism in general.

Musically, this is mid-tempo, semi-melodic anarchopunk that at times reminds me of OPERATION (with mostly male vocals), a bit of SIN DIOS (in the song structure), among other excellent anarchist bands blended together. This is a great demo, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future. (Inbred)



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